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So we’re well into week 3 of lock down and it’s probably starting to feel like the 6 weeks school holidays, except there probably seems like a mountain of school work to juggle with as well.

I know many are struggling with this, and with those struggles comes negative emotions like shame, guilt, anger, anxiety and depression. I’ve spoken to a few parents about their struggles and passed on some tips but would like to seek the views or more parents. So I’ve created this poll to see how others are coping, and then tomorrow I will write a post offering some help managing your emotions during the school closures.

Voting is now closed. Find HOME SCHOOLING STRESS POST HERE

How are you coping with schools being closed?

If you are one of those who answers C or D then don’t worry, you are not alone. This vote is anonymous but research shows people will still vote for a higher option. Please be truthful and rest assured I have no idea who is voting, nor will I be obtaining or storing any personal data. I will simply be using the results to shape tomorrows post.

If you have any comments or questions, please fill out the form below.

2 Responses

  1. Jessica Lynch

    Getting used to it now but it’s been tough with all of us out of routine. They are also missing friends

  2. Sarah Grey

    I’m truly loving having more time with my boy as he hates school and is far happier now in general, but I’m struggling with getting much of a routine going beyond an afternoon bike ride and also engaging in the amount of physical play that he needs. I’m also having virtually no time to myself, so I get very grumpy when he struggles at bedtime because he doesn’t want the day to end.
    I think we’ve got through the general worries about the virus itself, but he’s feeling weird because everything is so different (and yet fights any routine I attempt, however subtle).